is an employee with zero programming experience reducing 29 screens into one form.


is managing 3 TB of data across 436,000 SharePoint sites, and 12 million files in five different regions.


is different teams accessing the same customer records — each in the system of their choice.


is knowing there’s a consistent medical response to a catastrophic event — regardless of time or staff levels.


With K2, your IT team doesn’t have to spend months slaving over a solution — business users of different skill sets and backgrounds can use drag-and-drop designers to build and deploy forms, workflows, reports and apps quickly.

According to Cari Funk, IT Director at Western Disposal, K2 and its forms technology are so user-friendly that one of her employees, Sean, was able to take the lead on the project. “It’s kind of a Cinderella story. Sean was hired five years ago as tech support. He’s a self-taught tech person, and most of his experience comes from being curious… Within six weeks, he was already churning out SmartForms that mimicked our work processes. Zero programming background. Zero business analyst background. Productive within a matter of weeks.”

What if Cari needed to reduce 29 screens into one form twenty or even thirty times — without slowing IT down or going over budget? Could she do it? Not without K2’s ability to scale.


K2 is more than just BPM and workflow tools — because each new application is faster to build than the one before it, our platform can be used to manage solutions across your enterprise.

PPG originally purchased K2 to replace an electronic document management system. After training and a pilot project, PPG’s corporate IT team realized the full value of the platform. They used K2 to manage a newly acquired business — and its masses of users, data and coding burdens — with 22 fully formed applications.

While Finance was one of the early adopters, Quality Assurance, Environmental, Health and Safety, and Architectural Coatings have all implemented K2 for projects ranging from raw materials management to CAPEX requests and IT ticketing.

Would PPG have invested in a process automation tool that didn’t easily integrate with their existing applications, systems and security for such a critical project? Of course not. That’s why they chose K2.


K2’s out-of-the-box integrations with a wide range of commonly used backend systems and any custom-built solutions means you can create applications that harmonize with how your business already operates.

Previously at Computer Services, Inc., the sales team would generate a bid, and it could sit for up to 90 days. Now, with K2, there is full communication between teams, complete with reporting, notes, graphs and everything needed to give the customer what they need in a timely manner. And, because K2 connects with the company’s other line-of-business systems, CSI was able to allow each team to view and access their information in the system of their choice.

Imagine CSI was given two weeks to build a customizable workspace and reporting that will help the sales team boost productivity. Could they do it with K2? Absolutely.


Whether you’re a hospital administrator trying to get up-to-date schedule information or an IT manager needing to know how efficiently support staff is resolving tickets, K2 provides real-time visibility into the daily transactions that make your business run.

While trying to meet stringent government requirements, Justin Cuckow, Senior Emergency Planning Officer, Resilience Department at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation, was shocked to find that, “During an incident response we didn’t have good visibility into which parts of the business are affected and how we’re prioritizing our resources to maintain patient care.”

Because K2’s forms technology surfaces all data in one site, doctors and nurses no longer have to run around in a panic, logging into different portals and systems. They can stay on top of new risks – like an active shooting or Ebola outbreak. Impact analysis and reporting on key metrics and areas helps management focus on further resilience planning, training and investment opportunities.

If government requirements change, could Guy’s and St. Thomas’ modify their emergency management system without the help of a third-party development team? Yes, because they are using K2.

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